When I engage with the bookish community, I find a loving and passionate set of people who love to talk about (and take pictures of) the books they enjoy reading. The Purple Sponge was built with that community in mind. My book reviews or, rather, reflections on the books I read, address my personal, nuanced experiences with books; I hope they open dialogues with you about your personal, nuanced experiences with books.

In the near future, I want to directly interact with fellow bibliophiles through interviews and collaborations with authors, bloggers, and readers to share the ins and outs of our common passions: books, humanity, writing, fun, relationships, humanity, fiction, magic, science, humanity, the universe.

I can go on.

(If you’re interested in such a conversation, find my info on the “Contact” page).

Events like Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon and monthly challenges will make an appearance here, too, because these are fun things to do and I love doing fun things with the bookish community.

Finally, my info-graphic reviews are fun little sharable windows into the secret treasure troves of my favorite books. Check ’em out!